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Police Youth Ambassador Programme

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On the 24th of August, cadets from the KCP NPCC Unit conducted the Police Youth Ambassador Programme at ECONS Wellness Home in Bishan. The main focus was to spread awareness on the importance of staying vigilant and what to do during a terrorist attack. The Secondary 3 cadets put up a skit to reinforce this message and to help the elderly to have a better understanding of the measures to take during an attack. After the skit, both the Secondary 2 and 3 Cadets set out to the Jasmine Home above the ECONS Wellness Home in Bishan to distribute informative brochures. Having split into several groups, the cadets did their best to educate the people and reemphasise the significance of staying alert and vigilant and the ‘Run, Hide, Tell ‘practice. Cadets also learnt to communicate with confidence with the residents and put to practice teamwork.

The Secondary 3 cadets introducing themselves to the elderly.



KCPSS National Day Parade 2018

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On the 8th of August, KCPSS Singapore’s 53rd birthday. On that very day, KCPSS NPCC got the chance to be the Guard Of Honor Contingent which also commemorated Singapore’s independence since 1965. Some of the Secondary 1s, 2s and 3s were in the Guard of Honor Contingent whilst SGT Maverick Yeo was the Parade Commander and SGT David Colson was the Regimental sergeant major . This National Day, SGT Anisa led the GOH Contingent with pride as they displayed precise and sharp movements while marching proudly towards the parade square. This was really a moment to remember for the NPCC cadets that took part in this parade as they were given the opportunity to represent the Uniform Group in this National Day Parade and they also had the privilege to meet COL Wilson Low who inspected the GOH Contingent.

COL Wilson Low is the commander of the 7th Singapore Infantry Brigade. During the parade he spoke about how he once was a student just like us in our school. In his speech he stated “if life gets tough push through” which inspired a lot of students to carry on when going through a difficult situation in their life. His speech really captured the attention of students and truly moved them.

SGT Vigas was given the role as bearer during the parade and so he was in charge of carrying the Singapore flag. SSGT Munning and SI Ron were in KCPSS very first colours party which they had the honor of carrying the main components that made NPCC. Overall, the parade went by smoothly.

SGT David Colson standing with pride as he was the Regimental sergeant major

SGT Danial and SGT Irfan leading COL Wilson Low during Inspection.

Area Games Day at Catholic High Secondary School

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On 21 July 2018, Area 4 had its Area Games Day. This year, the venue was at Catholic High Secondary School and there were different games such as floor ball, hot seat, modified dodgeball, keep talking and nobody explodes, modified captains ball, table tennis and basketball. During their time there, the juniors and the seniors strengthen their bonds together while waiting for the games to start. We could tell by their faces that they had loads of fun. This was also the very last Area Games Day for the Secondary 3s  before their Passing Out Parade.

The team nervously waiting for their turn

27th Batch Passing Out Parade

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On 23 June 2018, our beloved seniors have step down from their duties. They have successfully achieved their goals as cadet Leaders that they have set for their juniors when they were Secondary 3. We were all in tears as we did not want to see them step down as they were the best Cadet Leaders you could ever ask for. We made sure that their only POP was going to be a everlasting memory. During the POP, their Senior Cadet Inspector, Mahendran Sir, took his time to make a special video montage about their lives in NPCC, which let them in tears. As the POP came to the end, the former Cadet leader passed down their positions to the current Secondary 3s. The current secondary 3 are pleased with their hierarchy. The Secondary 3s are excited to take over the unit.


The Secondary 4s’ very last parade

We will miss you!


KCPNPCC Civil Defence Course

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On the 6th of June our cadets went for the Civil Defence Course to attain their Civil Defence Badge. During their time there they have learnt various different things that might help save other people when faced with danger. During the course they also did quite a number of hands on activities but the cadets two favorites would be the fire extinguisher segment and the CPR portion.

 My looking at the fire eagerly to extinguish it.


Road Marshall Duty

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On 25 May 2018 it was the first time that the Secondary one and two have participated in Road Marshall Duty. You could tell that they were having the time of their life guiding the primary school students and also giving demerit points to those students that did not abide by the road laws.

Vigas, Shamir and My smiling brightly during their water break

Keep up the good work Cadets!

KCPSS 2018 CSSP Project

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cssp bTo find out our efforts in fighting terrorism, visit the following website to view our CSSP Project 2018

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