Secondary 1 Trials

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The Secondary 1 Trials was held on 18 January 2019. There were about 15 of the Secondary 1 that came. They were shown how discipline their seniors are. They also saw how the Secondary 4 pitch the tent with speed and precision. They also learn some life skills such as outdoor cooking and 8 basic knots. They also had a lot of fun playing Running Man with each other and the seniors. After the training, most of them wanted to join NPCC and they went back home with a huge smile on their faces.


Open House 2019

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The Open House 2019 held in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School on 24th of November. Then the present secondary 4 got there early to set up the booth. We beforehand had planned on how to set up the booth and how to make it more interesting in order to attract more Secondary 1 to join our CCA. When the Secondary 1 arrived at our booth, we told them everything about NPCC and how it can be useful in the future. we also did a short fancy rifle performance for every 15 minutes in order to show them how interesting NPCC is. On the same day, it was the last day for the Secondary 1 orientation. The Secondary 3 and 4 prepared a Fancy Rifle Performance for the Secondary 1. The Secondary 3 and 4 have worked really hard for the past month just for the Secondary 1. On the day, they perform really well and with confidence.

Hong Kong OEV Trip

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This trip was help from 7 November to 11 November. From our unit, one of the cadet from the secondary 3 squad, David Colson, was interested and was asked to go through an interview. He had to go through an interview with 3 other schools form the same Area, Area 4, in order to shortlist 2 cadets and David Colson was one of them. There is a total of 26 students from 26 different schools was selected out of a total of 20 Areas. David shared his experience by saying that,’ It was really an eye-opening experience to see the Hong Kong culture and traditions in the past from the history museum. The police establishments taught me Hong Kong ‘s history and their day to day operations. We visited the Marine South district unit, counter-terrorism unit as well as traffic police. this helped me to expand my knowledge about the police operations which made this trip worthwhile’.

Area 4 ASTC 2018

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The camp was held from 7 September to 9 September. ASTC is a 3 day 2 night camp held at Pulau Ubin. As the secondary 3’s and 2’s were getting ready to get on the bus, It started to rain. We were all worried whether we will be able to arrive at the campsite without getting wet but it did not stop us from getting to the campsite even if we have to walk while it was raining. In the bus, all of us were very excited to go to the camp to have fun and to learn some important values. As we arrived at the jetty to get on the boat to Pulau Ubin, the secondary 2’s were very excited as most of them did not have the chance to be able to get on a boat. When we reached Pulau Ubin, it still continued to rain and we had to walk about 3KM to get to the campsite but we did not give up. We took out our poncho and started walking fast so that we can get to the campsite without getting super wet.

After all the hard situation we had to go through, we finally reached Camp Resilience. The secondary 3’s stopped at the STC campsite while the secondary 2’s  continued walking to their campsite which is ATC. When we reached there, we saw our area 4 units and a special school that join us in this camp together with area 4 was Saint Andrew’s Secondary School. After we reached there, the instructors were briefing about the camp. We were also told to go into out groups which had cadet from a different schools. The instructor grouped us these way so that we all will be able to bond and know about their different school. Every year in ASTC, the instructors will chose a theme for our group and group performance. This year theme was SuperHeros. Every group were needed to make a flag to represent the identity. After doing some bonding games to make new friends from a different school, we went on to build a tent for us to sleep in. We all had to struggle to find a spot that is not wet as all, of us are going to sleep in it. We were given 20 minutes to pitch all the tent and when some of the groups have finished pitching their tent, they did not wait there for the next instructions but the went to other groups to help them pitch there tent so that we all will be able to complete the task given on time. We were also told that that we had to have a Buddy System partnering someone from a different school. It is important to have a Buddy System because when something had happen to your buddy, you will be able to inform the instructors.

On the second day of the camp, we were going to have some fun activities like flying Fox and Land Expedition for the secondary 3’s and Kayaking and some other activities for the secondary 2. We were very disappointed as some of us could not do these activities because of the bad weather but we did some other activities like preparing for the amazing Campfire that will happen at night. After the rain stopped, we went for the Flying Fox and some went for the Land Expedition. In Land Expedition, we learned how to read maps and a lot more. The most amazing activiy that everyone have been waiting for was Campfire!! All of the cadets came together at the STC campsite for the campfire. We were all very hyped for the campfire. As we all were sitted, the fire was burning all the group stared coming out to show their performance that they have been working really hard for the past 2 days. After the campfire was over, everyone was super sad as they all wanted the moment to last forever but eventually the fire had to be put out.

On the 3 day, all of us were getting ready to leave the camp. Just before the camp was over, we recalled what we have learn for the past 2 days such as teamwork, resilience, discipline and so on. As we just left the campsite, it stared to rain very heavily. Our clothes started to get wet but the rain did not stop us, we persevered on in order to get home to see our loved ones. After reaching changi jetty, all of us were very tired and we slept on the bus way back to school. The camp was an amazing one that you can make new friends, have fun and most importantly, what values you have learned that you will bring back to the unit to teach the juniors.


Kcpss 2018 Unit Pictures

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On 24 August 2018, our unit had taken a an unit photo. The day before, we took the effort to make sure our uniform was in perfect condition with the badges nicely arranged. When we were about to take the photos, we all had a smile on our faces and were very excited to take the photos as it shows how much we have grown and achieved.








Crime Scene Investigation

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On the 29th of August the Secondary 3 cadets went to the Crime Scene Investigation course to gain knowledge about basic forensic processes. During their time there they were given various different scenarios in which they had to figure out who murdered the person and how they murdered the person. Some skills they were thought were recovering and analyzing trace evidence and dusting for fingerprints. The scenario that the Secondary 3s were given was about a car accident and they had to figure out if it was a accident or a murder. They soon had to apply the skills they had acquired and figure out the case they were given. Eventually they came to realize that the car accident was planned and so it a murder scene.

Matthew, David and Maverick discussing about the case they were given.


Home Team Gallery

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On the 27th of September the Secondary 3 when to the Home Team Gallery. During their time there they learnt the operations of Home team and how it has grown over the years. They also learnt about the Nicoll Highway collapse that happened on 20 April 2004 due the cave-in of the walls which brought down the surrounding area and the high way down a 30-meters-deep ravine. The Secondary 3s got to learn about the rifles used during the Japanese Occupation and even got to hold on to rifles that no longer worked. Lastly they got to acquire knowledge about Mas Selamat Kastari the fugitive that escaped detention on 27 Februray 2008 by climbing through a ventilation shaft in a toilet at a prison in Singapore he also hid under an expressway and swam across the Tebrau Strait from Woodlands to Stulang Laut in Johor from this the Secomdary 3s has learnt that terrorism is not a joke.