Cadet Leaders’ Hierarchy

On the 23rd June 2018, our KCPNPCC released the 28th Batch NPCC Hierarchy during our annual Passing Out Parade (POP). It was a memorable event for this year’s Secondary 3 Batch as it will finally give them a chance to lead the juniors to become better leaders and for Secondary 3s to become a better figures to guide the cadets.

The Hierarchy was split into different areas. The main person in charge is known as chairman. The position itself is held by SGT David Colson and working together with the chairman is vice-chairman Nurul Anisa Bte Hassan. Then followed by the 5 heads of departments, the Head of Administration, Head of Publicity, Head of Training, Head of Logistics and Head of Development and Welfare. The respective heads are then spilt into several roles where cadets will be doing the roles. The photo below is the 28th Batch Hierarchy for 2018/2019.




Hierarchy 2014-2015



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