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ATC/STC 2017

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Our Secondary 2 and 3 Cadets, attended the Adventure Training Camp(ATC) and Survival Training Camp(STC) from 21 July to 23 July respectively, together with Area 4 schools and Punggol Secondary School. This camp was organised by Area 4 Instructors and was aimed at sharpening the survival and leadership skills of our cadets. Additionally, it allowed cadets to take initiative and bond with cadets from other schools as well. This year, the theme of the camp was occupations. There were a together of 6 groups, Cleaners, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers and Wrestlers. Each group consists of cadets from different schools that were carefully distributed to increase the probability of the cadets seeing new faces.

During the camps, the area’s Secondary 2 cadets had the opportunity to kayak, which was one of the key highlights of ATC. On the other side of Camp Resilience however, the area’s Secondary 3 cadets were tasked to participate in the High Elements Course, which was set up to allow cadets to overcome their fear of heights and to challenge the cadets’ mental and physical capacity.

The campfire was held on the last night to signify the end of the camp. Cadets sang campfire songs and the 6 groups performed in front of the camp. It was an awe-inspiring experience for everyone on the campfire pit as both cadets and instructors sang their hearts out to mark the soon-to-end camp.

By the end of the camp, Syazana made us proud by receiving the Best Female Camper Award. The camp was tiring but at the same time was filled with loads of excitement and adventures. The cadets were had mixed emotions as they left the campsite which had been their home for the past few days.


26th Batch Passing-Out-Parade

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On 1st July 2017, the 26th batch of npcc cadets went through their passing-out-parade. This parade marks the end of the cadet journey for the 26th batch, as well as the passing down of the Kuo Chuan NPCC unit to the 27th batch. 

 passing-out-parade consisted of two parts:the parade itself, and the ceremony.
All eyes were on the 26th and 27th batch as the parade commander Ron Shammury commenced the parade. Staff Sargeant Tony Evans handed down the drill cane to Ron Shammury, to symbolise the passing down of the unit from the 26th batch to the 27th batch. At the end of the parade, the 26th batch threw their berets high into the sky, to mark the end of their cadet life in npcc. 

The ceremony was held in an air-conditioned room, consisting of the secondary one’s singing and the secondary two’s fancy rifle performance. This was followed by a photo montage and hand written notes from the secondary threes. It got even more emotional when the teacher officers and instructors gave their own speeches. The day was ended with the release of the hierarchy and some refreshments.

93rd Founder’s Day

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This year, our cadets participated in the annual Founder’s Day Parade in Kuo Chuan. Together with the primary school contingents and other uniformed groups, our cadets formed the parade and stood proudly on the parade ground. Many weeks of training have been dedicated for the parade, and many of our cadets have sacrificed much of their time and sweat for the parade as they had to balance their school work with the vigorous training sessions. However, their hard work paid off eventually as the parade went smoothly and everything turned out as rehearsed. Donning their uniforms, our cadets marched with dignity, saluting the Guest of Honour as they made their march past. Overall, it was a pleasant and memorable experience for all the guests and participants of the parade.

Unit Camp 2017 – A Leap of Resilience

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From the 16th to 18th March, KCPSS held it annual Unit Camp for its cadets. During the camp, our cadets managed to interact with one another, sharing new experiences with each other as the camp progressed.

One of the key highlights of this year’s unit camp was the inclusion of a fireball for the campfire held on the second night of the camp. This fireball was unlike any other, as it symbolized the creativity and perseverance of our cadets. As it was a tedious process setting up the fireball, many of our cadets struggled at the beginning with the initial structure and design of the fireball. Fortunately, with time and dedication, they managed to get the fireball up and running, and managed to captivate the audience.

This short camp proved to be a fun yet memorable camp for all the cadets and instructors and bonds were built and relationships were strengthened throughout the camp. Though there were many ups and downs, our cadets managed to set aside their differences and get to know one another better. We hoped that this camp was a fruitful one for cadets and that there will be more memorable events like this to come.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Article Showcase( 2nd Edition )

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“First Impressions Matter”  by SGT(NPCC) Venisha and SGT(NPCC) Sumitra

The Beginning of a New Face

Students rushed down the hallways as soon as the bell chimed. Student representatives from various Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) huddled around these students, showcasing  the highlights of their CCA to these secondary one students. Amongst them were Kuo Chuan’s very own Girl guides, netball team, drama club , dance club and last but not least, National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC). It was definitely not easy communicating with the Secondary One students as they overwhelmed us with an avalanche of questions and the addition of shouting and screaming generated by other students in the background certainly made it a chore to be heard. This was how our 2017 open house day turned out to be.

This year’s Orientation was a memorable and an eventful one as my cadet leaders have put in loads of hard work and effort into planning the display and orientation of the NPCC booth. The booth included a 5 inch LED screen that had been set up in the canteen which served the purpose of portraying the various activities that NPCC cadets go through every year. The booth also featured a CSI mock-up and a much simpler version of a revolver. These features were included to increase the awareness of the students on the various events and activities that NPCC has to offer. In addition, a pair of uniforms, typically worn by the Guard of Honour contingents on parades and ceremonies, was borrowed from NPCC HQ. On that day, they were proudly donned on by two of our cadet leaders. Upon witnessing the smart uniforms that our unit was wearing, several students flocked to our booth, curious about how NPCC was like. Our fellow squad mates, eager and excited to entertain the students, elaborated on their experiences and what they have learnt from the various events that we as a squad partook in. We learnt to be more outgoing and feel that NPCC is a platform for us to forge new friendships, especially through activities such as the Secondary 2 Adventure Training Camp, 1 star Kayaking Course and Cadet Leader Course. My squad mates then proceeded to show them a video explaining the character traits and lessons on can take home from NPCC, which made them more intrigued. One of the students even exclaimed upon witnessing the video, “Wow!  I have to join this CCA.  It looks fun indeed!” After hearing this, my squad mate, who was by the student’s side, gave thumbs up at us. This student, along with many other ones, convinced us that things were bound to go well this year and left a positive spirit in all of us.

Game On!

With the inter-unit games that are going to be hosted by our school round the corner, our unit rehearsed for the actual event through a dry-run session. Concurrently, we thought it would be a great opportunity for the Secondary Ones to participate in it and have a feel of the events NPCC organizes to strengthen the bond between NPCC cadets from various schools. This session also allowed for the introduction of the seniors to the Secondary Ones. While some of them were affirmative about joining the corps, there were still some who needed time. Seniors took the chance to explain about NPCC during the small breaks that they were included between games. Though we were exhausted from the physical activities involved in the games, we were relieved to have put a smile on the Secondary Ones’ faces at the end of the session. A student even came up to me and said, “NPCC has so far been much better than I thought. The seniors were very welcoming and friendly!” When my squad mates heard his statement, though exhausted, they managed to put a vibrant smile on their faces.


Orientation Campfire Performance 2017

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KCPSS NPCC had its first Precision Drill performance in January. Cadets from Secondary 2,3 and 4 squads came volunteered to participate in this event. It was a first for our unit as it was the very first time that we adapted to the new stuns and movements in Precision Drill compared to the Fancy Rifle Drill that we had all along been performing with.

Much time and effort were put into the training by the Precision Drill Squad over the holidays as they worked towards the goal of having a successful and spectacular performance on campfire night. Along the way, many of them struggled as they were learning a completely new performance-type. They had to adapt to change and catch up within a short period of time. Eventually, they managed to ace the movements and put up an awe-inspiring performance for the crowd.



Lego Competition

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During the lego competition organised by Whitley Sec, cadets had to construct unique models with the given Lego set,with a theme related to crime. There was a time limit and teamwork, communication and cooperation between the cadets were key components of this competition. Through this experience, the cadets from both Secondary 1 and 2 Squad bonded with each other and this allowed them to have a meaningful experience with each other.

This competition not only promotes teamwork between the cadets but also provides a platform for cadets to hone their creativity. Cadets were given lego pieces to construct a crime-related object, and had ample opportunity to let their imagination run wild as they constructed objects based on their imagination and creativity. These skills will be important for the cadets as they learn to think out of the box and make do with whatever they have in future. It is something that cannot be picked up in classroom hence making this competition not only engaging but also beneficial.