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Campcraft Competition!!!!

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  • On 27th January, the Campcraft boys teams erected the school flag at Home Team Academy during the Competition. The boys have done us proud in every way possible. Spectators could feel the teamwork between the team. They all had only one dream to give their best even if they were going to fail or not. Their determination has led them to become a bonded team them. All those tiring and muddy trainings has paid off. Well done boys, you have made the KCPNPCC Unit proud!!!!

Area 4 CampCraft Competition!!!

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On 20th January, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School’s NPCC Unit proudly hosted the 7th Annual Area Campcraft Competition. We are happy for the schools that had participated, and we are grateful for all the Instructors who came the day before to set-up the boundaries for this competition. A big shoutout to the Instructors for their help. Without them this competition would have been possible. Great job to everybody. KCPNPCC is proud and happy to have given their very best in this competition.

Sentosa Outreach Programme

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On 30th November 2017, ten cadets took time off their school holidays to take part in an eye-opening and meaningful event. These cadets sentosa to distribute tissue packets to the visitors at Universal Studios Singapore. With each tissue packet, the cadets reminded these visitors to keep their belongings safe while having fun. The cadets also gained insight on the lifes of flyer-distributors and how it feels to be rejected. However, the cadets did not give up and managed to distribute all the tissue packets. Good job to all those involved! 

Area Games 2017 (Area 4)

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On 21st October, Area 4 had its Area Games Day. This year, the venue was Catholic High Secondary School and there were different games such as Basketball, Frisbee, Floorball, etc. Once again, during the games, our cadets fought tough and stood tall as they competed in the various events. Some of them eventually emerged victorious as they attained the top 3 positions in their respective events. Our cadets managed to do KCPSS proud once again and will continue to keep up its competitiveness in time to come.

These are some of the awards that our cadets received.

Handball- Champion

Relay games- 1st Runner-up

Ultimate Frisbee- 2nd Runner-up

Basketball- 2nd Runner-up

ATC/STC 2017

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Our Secondary 2 and 3 Cadets, attended the Adventure Training Camp(ATC) and Survival Training Camp(STC) from 21 July to 23 July respectively, together with Area 4 schools and Punggol Secondary School. This camp was organised by Area 4 Instructors and was aimed at sharpening the survival and leadership skills of our cadets. Additionally, it allowed cadets to take initiative and bond with cadets from other schools as well. This year, the theme of the camp was occupations. There were a together of 6 groups, Cleaners, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers and Wrestlers. Each group consists of cadets from different schools that were carefully distributed to increase the probability of the cadets seeing new faces.

During the camps, the area’s Secondary 2 cadets had the opportunity to kayak, which was one of the key highlights of ATC. On the other side of Camp Resilience however, the area’s Secondary 3 cadets were tasked to participate in the High Elements Course, which was set up to allow cadets to overcome their fear of heights and to challenge the cadets’ mental and physical capacity.

The campfire was held on the last night to signify the end of the camp. Cadets sang campfire songs and the 6 groups performed in front of the camp. It was an awe-inspiring experience for everyone on the campfire pit as both cadets and instructors sang their hearts out to mark the soon-to-end camp.

By the end of the camp, Syazana made us proud by receiving the Best Female Camper Award. The camp was tiring but at the same time was filled with loads of excitement and adventures. The cadets were had mixed emotions as they left the campsite which had been their home for the past few days.

National Drill Competition 2017

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This year, our secondary 3 and some secondary 2 cadets have participated in the national drill competition held at Home Team Academy (HTA) on 5th August. Our cadets faced tough competition from other schools and did not make it to the top 10. However, this competition opened our cadets’ eyes and has motivated them to work harder next time!


26th Batch Passing-Out-Parade

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On 1st July 2017, the 26th batch of npcc cadets went through their passing-out-parade. This parade marks the end of the cadet journey for the 26th batch, as well as the passing down of the Kuo Chuan NPCC unit to the 27th batch. 

 passing-out-parade consisted of two parts:the parade itself, and the ceremony.
All eyes were on the 26th and 27th batch as the parade commander Ron Shammury commenced the parade. Staff Sargeant Tony Evans handed down the drill cane to Ron Shammury, to symbolise the passing down of the unit from the 26th batch to the 27th batch. At the end of the parade, the 26th batch threw their berets high into the sky, to mark the end of their cadet life in npcc. 

The ceremony was held in an air-conditioned room, consisting of the secondary one’s singing and the secondary two’s fancy rifle performance. This was followed by a photo montage and hand written notes from the secondary threes. It got even more emotional when the teacher officers and instructors gave their own speeches. The day was ended with the release of the hierarchy and some refreshments.